Oh, right, that kayak guy!

27 11 2012

I’m coming out of my far too long break to say something about what happen friday. Adam Van Koeverden wrote shit on Twitter about hating University Laval. Of course, here in the Belle Province, we immediately crucified him, probably because, as always, we’re so insecure about ourselves that we immediately consider that francophobe bullshit.

Three things come to mind. One, if Van Koeverden had said the same about McGill or Concordia, would we have reacted the same way? Two, has it occured to anyone that we have said way worst shit about other universities, and no one gave a fuck?

And three, many others have tweeted way worst shit about UL! So why single out Van Koeverden? Cuz he’s a public figure? Bitch please! When the London games ended, everyone forgot about him! Everytime I tell someone about this story, the first response I get is “Van Koewhat?” And when I explain that he’s the Kayak guy (or was it canoe? Even I don’t remember!), people go “Oh yeah, him! What a jerk!”

Every olympics, when the closing ceremony end, the athletes fall back into total obscurity. It’s not fair to bring him back into the spotlight just because it serves your insecure ass’ purpose!

Besides, it wasn’t even about the city or the province… It was about the football team! About sports! The guy went to McMaster, he’s allowed to root for his team and talk shit about the adversary! That’s sports! Deal with it! People have said way worst things than that!




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