Cammy had to go…

12 01 2012

I liked Michael Cammalleri when he first started. He seemed to be a genuine good guy. I remember during the 100th anniversary game, when he scored the hat trick, he looked so amazed and happy to be in Montreal. It was refreshing to see.

But as the years went by, he just looked like a fucking baby. He’s always complaining to the refs, never happy… And then, he goes out and said the shit he said yesterday. No, it wasn’t the worst thing that was said, and we’ll hear stuff like that again. But Cammy has been around for years, he should know better.

So thanks for everything, Cammy, it’s been good to know ya!


A rare magical night at the Bell Centre

5 01 2012

It was really a great sight, last night, to see Lars Eller on the ice after he was announced as the first star. A kid who got the biggest ovation of his young career, who put on an amazing show, too, and who clearly did not want to leave the ice! Just one of those magic moments that really makes you happy to be a fan!

It just sucks to think that, had it been PK Subban who had been on the ice and urged the crowd to cheer him on, the media would’ve called him a showoff! That’s not cool!

Still, that was the most amazing night the Bell Center had since the 5 goal comeback against the Rangers a few years back.

Hats off to Lars! Thanks for a great night!