Where I was on September 11…

11 09 2011

I know a lot of people will do this, but I’m still gonna do it!

I remember it clearly! On September 11th, 2001, I was still asleep when the first plane crashed. I was still living at my mom’s, and since I only had class at 12h that day, I was sleeping in. My brother came and woke me up when the second plane crashed.

I turned on the TV to CNN. In my sleepy haze, it took me a few minutes to make sense of what was happening. Were the pilots drunk? One plane could maybe crash, but two? At the same place? A few minutes apart? That didn’t make sense for someone who just woke up! But soon, the harsh reality set in! It couldn’t be just a coincidence. And the TV presenters at CNN seemed to come to the same conclusion as me: Someone sent those planes into the World Trade Center.

I was mesmerised but what I was seeing. First, one tower collapsing, and then the other! It was like a bad dream. I had to go to school, but I could get away from the TV. I got dressed and left for school, wondering if those of my classmates who had classes in the morning knew what was going on.

They did! When I got there, everyone was in the little lunch room that had a TV, watching TVA, unable to go to class. I sat with them and skipped my philisophy class. Nodoby was talking! Everyone was incredibly shook up. I remember that, that day, Z Tele was filming a show (for the life of me, I can’t remember the name). Claude Legault kept popping in and out trying to get the latest update. He even asked me at one point if Bush had made a statement, yet.

Later, that night, at dinner, we were still watching the news. They showed footage of a city in the Middle East that had just been attacked. I was sure that it had started! The shit had hit the fan, the Americans were pissed, and they fought back. Turns out that it was a civil war that was raging out over there. But it goes to show my state of mind at that time.

My grandfather said this, that day: “I saw World War I and World War II, I never thought I’d live to see a third one!” And that was my fear as well. I was going on 22 at the time! If there were a WWIII, would I have been forced into the army? Who knows what else could’ve happened?

I’m glad that it didn’t turn out for the worse. But September 11 will always remain in my memory as one of the scariest period of my life.