The NHL just won big!

24 06 2013

So the Blackhawks are Stanley Cup champions for the second time in four years. Many bloggers will be discussing and analyzing tonight’s game and the entire playoffs, so I’ll steer clear of that.

I will say this, however. With the ending we got tonight, with 2 goals in the last minute, and the best dawn hockey we’ve seen all season played during the last two weeks, the NHL just made a huge step in establishing a fan base in the US. NBC made record numbers during these playoffs, and the games are getting more and more coverage in news outlets (and, for once, for reasons other than a vicious cheap shot or a brawl).

It’s a good thing because let’s face it : if the NHL is to thrive (and no matter was people on Québec City think), they need Americans. Or I should say,  they need American money!




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